Servo Motor Ring Crush and Edge Crush Tensile Testing Machine

Servo Motor Ring Crush and Edge Crush Tensile Testing Machine




YT-YS3000 Crush Tester is a contact display handle paperboard crush strength tester produced by our company. The paperboard, carton manufacturing facility and carton manufacturer are normally utilised to detect the edge crush strength (ECT) and crush energy (FCT) of corrugated board, bond strength (PAT) and diameter considerably less than 60mm paper main crush strength (CMT). The instrument is an excellent auxiliary screening resource for papermaking enterprises, paperboard makers, carton makers, carton consumers and top quality supervision and insp ection departments.

 Power Source  AC 220V±10% 50Hz 100W(can be CZPT)
 Working Environment      (ten~35)ºC,Humidity≤85%
 Measuring Range    20~ 3000N
 Indicating Accuracy    ±1.%
 Resolution  1N
 Indication Variation Accuracy   ±1.%
 Test speed   12.5±2.5 mm/min
 Depth of Parallelism between plates  ≤0.05 mm
 Distance of parallelism amongst plates   78 mm
 Print   Built-in thermal printer
 Communication Interface  RS232
 Dimension       350(L)×300(W)×510(H)mm
 Net bodyweight  41kg



Software Variety

Paper,cardboard,paper main,foundation paper


The instrument adopts the upper strain plate fastened type and substantial-precision weighing sensor to make certain the rapidity and precision of the instrument force benefit info acquisition the measurement accuracy is high

The motherboard adopts the newest technology and new style. The CPU adopts 32-bit ARM processor, which improves the processing pace of the instrument and helps make the calculation info a lot more correct and rapidly

The 5-inch color touch display, Chinese screen, and touch buttons make the procedure effortless to recognize

Automatically measure, depend, print check benefits, and have info retention

Real-time exhibit of pressure price changes for the duration of the examination

More than-assortment automatic reset to safeguard precision sensors

The thermal printer core eradicates the need for inks and ribbons, sounds-free procedure, and fast printing speed

The instrument is geared up with a standard RS232 interface, which can be employed with the microcomputer software for communication (optional)

Servo Motor Ring Crush and Edge Crush Tensile Testing Machine