Pd 250 Diesel Hydraulic Splitter for Demolition Quarry

Pd 250 Diesel Hydraulic Splitter for Demolition Quarry

Pd 250 Diesel CZPT Splitter for Demolition Quarry

Prodrill hydraulic rock /concrete splitter is a device which is utilised in mining function of building stones, the secondary breaking of large rocks and the partial or integral removing concrete facilities. It can break up the objects into several pieces in the organic cleft surface.
CZPT stone & concrete splitter is one particular of the successful, most secure and best ways of mining, dimensional stone quarrying, demolition & getting rid of mass and reinforced concrete.
New product no splitter regular configuration is 3 aluminum cylinder with centre wedge and a single counter wedge for each and every, and furthermore diesel motor motor, pump station, and higher strain hose etc.

Model Variety Hole Diameter (mm) Counter Wedge Dia(mm) Counter Wedge Duration (mm) Min hole depth (mm) Actually splitting pressure(ton) Excess weight(kg) Duration Cylinder Physique(mm) Splitting Length
PD250 42-44 40 250 550 450 34 seven hundred 10-18
PD350 forty four-forty six 42 350 650 450 35 700 ten-eighteen
PD450 46-48 44 450 750 450 36 seven hundred ten-eighteen


All varieties of normal stones, rock, granite, marble mining & quarrying
Equipment bases fracture
Bridge columns demolition
Bolstered concrete constructions elimination
Mass foundations splitting
Managed demolition of pillars, concrete and walls exactly where weighty equipment is impractical
Staircase removing
Premises that could be in continual use this kind of as hospitals, factories, offices and lodges
Taking away redundant reinforced concrete buildings, concrete machine beds and plinths, mass loaded concrete and many others.
Underwater demolition
Demolition in a restricted area
Tunnel perform
Trench excavation

Major Products:
1-12 inch center-minimal/high air strain DTH hammers & bits
Big hole higher air force DTH hammer using in water effectively, oil, gasoline and construction drilling
Eccentric overburden drilling Products
Gap opener little bit
Rock thread little bit (R22, R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51, ST58, GT60)
Extension Rod, M/F Rod, M/m Rod, Drift Rod,
Shank adapter, coupling sleeves and all sorts of adapters

Positive aspects:
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A. Our products can match in excess of ninety five% in opposition to the authentic merchandise
B. Price tag are aggressive in opposition to the well-known manufacturers and greatest high quality against the modest manufacturing facility

About Us:
1. Our manufacturing facility has been specialised in producing drilling instruments and spare parts for in excess of ten years.
2. We have superior engineering and products.
three. Our technician has far more than thirteen year’s specialist doing work experience.
4. Rock drilling tools are exported throughout the globe. Major industry: Norway, Turkey, United states of america, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Iran, Philippines, Thailand, India, and so forth.

Pd 250 Diesel Hydraulic Splitter for Demolition Quarry