High Efficency F Series Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Motor

High Efficency F Series Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Motor

F collection CZPTcal Gear Reducer 

1. Standard Information 

Gear Material  Low carbon substantial alloy steel
Heat therapy Carburising, Quenching, Gear Grinding
Lubricant  CLP (CC) VG220
Ambient Temperature -10ºC~40ºC

two. Package deal and Delivery 

All Types: Wooden Package
Supply: About two months after getting the sophisticated payment. 

3. Features and Advantages

one) Adopt “module combination” style.It can be changed out of tens of hundreds of thousands of sorts of “module” assembled by the reducer, any person of any desire, can be a short time to receive the greatest pleasure
2) Two helical gearboxes blended with a motor (a multistage reducer) can achieve extremely minimal output speed
three) High transmission precision, particularly suitable for repeated starting up instances, can be related to all sorts of reducer and configuration of different types of motor generate
4) Far more ratios satisfy the demand from customers of accurate output pace.
five) Gearmotor can be provided for both horizontal or vertical set up in 6 position.
6) Utilizing two or three gear reduction, by the motor drive large – speed amount transmission energy.The enter center line is parallel to the output centre line
7) This sequence of reducer can be equipped with a variety of kinds of motors, forming the electromechanical integration, completely guarantee the quality traits of the merchandise
eight) Improved energy potential,reduced sounds and higher effectiveness by grinding and modifying gears.

4. Product Sort:

5. Mounting Position 

DONLY differentiates among 6 mounting positions M1…M6 for equipment models and gearmotors. The pursuing determine displays the placement of the gear device in mounting positions M1-M6.

six. Position of terminal box and cable entry 

The position of the motor terminal box has so considerably been specified indicated with L(remaining),  R(appropriate), T(best) or B(base) as seen onto the output shaft. 

The placement of the cable entry can be chosen as effectively. The positions are equal to normal place, “1”, “two”or “three”.

7.Motor Adaptor Selection 


8. Surface area Protection 

In addition to standard surface area safety, DONLY also have the alternative of surface security SP1 to SP4 for diverse applications.

nine. Deal Pictures 

10. FAQ 

1) What kinds of gearbox can you create for us.

A: Primary items of our company: Modular Gearmotor R,F,K,S. Substantial Precision Modular Gearbox H,B,P,HK. Three-Stage Asynronous Motor. CZPTerized Gearbox. 

2) Can you make as for each personalized drawing?

A: Of course, we offer you CZPT service for consumers. 

3) What is your conditions of payment? 

A: thirty% superior payment by T/T after signing the deal. 70% before shipping and delivery. 

        High Efficency F Series Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Motor