Diesel Oil Refining Machine Regeneration Waste Black Engine Oil Recycling Plant

Diesel Oil Refining Machine Regeneration Waste Black Engine Oil Recycling Plant

Diesel Oil Refining Equipment Regeneration Waste Black Engine Oil Recycling Plant

one.Waste motor oil waste automobile motor oil refinery to base oil ?
The primary technology of waste oil regeneration in overseas is Kleen,Meinken,IFP,KTI,Snamprogetti,DOH,DCH,BERC and Recyclon.and so on.New procedures that have been utilized overseas consist of ultrafiltration, centrifugal separation, molecular distillation, flocculation, solvent refining, and many others.In the late eighties, two regeneration procedures were designed in China.One is distillation-extraction-clay method, which makes use of ethanol as solvent for extraction the other is high temperature clay process, which brings together distillation and clay remedy in the very same method.Modern slender film evaporator – furfural refining-clay approach can extract far more base oil fractions than conventional vacuum distillation, furfural has better extraction result than ethanol, and the yield of foundation oil is larger.
According to the deterioration system and degree of lubricating oil, the regeneration technological innovation of squander engine oil can be divided into re-purification approach, fine refining method and re-refining procedure.

2.Technology of our firm

 1) Method flow description

The procedure of waste oil reduction and regeneration base oil is released as follows: Our business specializes in the manufacturing of squander oil regeneration tools and procedure study and development for a lot more than ten several years, and continually explores and enhances the technology. Combining with the rewards and disadvantages of the recent tools procedure, we concentrate on the resources in the procedure of waste oil processing tools, which are simple to coke at high temperature, have higher operating price and have a lot of possible security dangers. The problem of substantial overhaul price and substantial technological problems has been mentioned and analyzed, and a whole lot of manpower and materials assets have been invested. Via recurring testing and continuous improvement, the difficulty of straightforward coking of resources at high temperature has been efficiently solved.

 2) Generation procedure flowchart

3)Project overview(Examples for reference)

one)Project Title: eighteen,000T/a waste lubricant recycling project

two) Mother nature of the business: waste methods and recycling of squander materials

 3) Total investment: twenty million yuan

4) Land spot: 14,000 sq. meters, design region 5,one hundred twenty square meters

five) Greening location: The whole plant has a environmentally friendly location of 1820 sq. meters, and the greening fee is thirteen%

6) Variety of employees: thirty workers associates

7) Hrs of perform: three hundred times for the complete calendar year, 24 hrs for the day, and seven,two hundred several hours for the entire year

3.Primary Tools introduction

1)Distillation tower introduction

Fractionating tower with structured packing

The tower is divided into:

a.In the prime of the tower, the solution is the first-line oil.

b.2nd-line return and restoration part, the merchandise is second-line oil

c.3rd-line return and recovery part, the merchandise is 3rd-line oil
2)Tank and warehouse storage

4.The high quality of oil from our consumer:


five.Principal merchandise tests index

(3rd-line oil) finished product quality inspection standard HVI250
1 Test items Indicators Reference standard
two Flash point ≥220ºC

GB/T3536-1983   Flash point and flash point determination of 

petroleum products (Cleveland open cup method)

three Pour point ≤-12ºC GB/T3535-1983  Petroleum products pour point measurement method
four Chroma two GB/T6540-1986  Oil product color measurement method

Kinematic viscosity

 (40 degrees)


GB/T265-1988  Kinematic viscosity measurement and dynamic 

viscosity measurement of petroleum products 


Kinematic viscosity

 (100 degrees)


GB/T265-1988  Kinematic viscosity measurement and dynamic 

viscosity measurement of petroleum products 

seven Viscosity index ≥100  GB/T1995-1998   Oil Products Viscosity Index Calculation Method
eight Acid value ≤0.03(mgkoh/g)  GB/T264-1983  Oil product acid value measurement method


(54 degrees)

≤10min GB/T7305-2003  Separation of oil and synthetic liquids
ten Water content Trace GB/T260-1997  Oil Products Water Content Measurement Method

six.Packing and Delivering

Employed Motor Oil/Pyrolysis Oil Recycling Plant to Base oil .

Packing Information : Wooden situation bundle of standard export.

Supply Particulars : 15-30 times soon after received the deposit.

We will provide the most reliable, most secure method of transportation, in purchase to help save transport price.

seven.Successfull Installation


one.what procedure are you utilizing ? 
The approach of scraping movie evaporator 
two.what is the output parameters of the base oil ? 
we can get worldwide common base oil ,like SN250. SN150.SN350 . 
3.did you ever build some plants in china ? can we see it ? 
indeed ,we have developed some waste oil refining to base oil plant ,
you can pay a visit to the plant if you arrive to china . we genuinely welcome you to occur to china to visit our plant .
4. do you have expert engineer to help oversea services ?
indeed , we have specialist engineer to assistance oversea services .
five.can you provide oversea set up ?
yes ,we can provide oversea installation assist

Diesel Oil Refining Machine Regeneration Waste Black Engine Oil Recycling Plant